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Which Reciprocating Air Compressor Do I Need?

Which Reciprocating Air Compressor Do I Need?

The good news is you have plenty of choices for almost any application. The bad news is, you have plenty of choices for almost any application. Making the right decision seems overwhelming, but it’s not. Let’s break it down and simplify. An excellent reference resource to introduce you to the CA, CT and ML lines is below. For more details keep reading and we’ll get straight to the nuts and bolts of what you do and don’t need in a reciprocating compressor.


Whichever compressor you determine is right for you, make sure it’s heavy-duty cast iron construction—NOT aluminum. Second, if you need a steady supply of clean, quiet, 100% continuous-duty air, a rotary compressor might be a better fit for you.


CT – If one of your primary concerns is price and you are not concerned about water vapor in your air, then the CT is the right compressor for you. In addition, the 2-year warranty offers good peace of mind. However, if you need more air and horsepower (CT offers 10hp, 29.7cfm), you’ll want to step up to CA or ML.

CA – If you value the added peace of mind provided by a 5-year warranty and require low moisture content in your air then the CA is the series you should buy. The CA series offers an UltraPack option that requires lower maintenance or a duplex configuration to provide 100% backup. CA machines top out at 15hp (42.6cfm) for simplex and 10hp (68.4cfm) for duplex, so if you need more horsepower, it’s time to look at our ML.

ML – If you don’t mind paying a little more for the best and you have a very demanding application, our ML series will stand up to the challenge. The patented Centro Ring pressure lubrication means less worry for you. As with the CA, the ML series offers both UltraPack and duplex options for low maintenance and 100% backup. In addition, our ML machines go up to 30hp (102.2cfm simplex, 204.4cfm duplex), providing plenty of air, even for the largest shops.

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