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EX Series 75-275kW

EX Series 75-275kW

Completely oil-free compression guarantee

Exclusive patented “2 atmospheric vent holes structure” prevents lubricating oil from entering the compressed air chamber through the shaft seals, even if unloading for a long time, the compression chamber is maintained 100% oil free.

Ultra-thin coating

We use ultra-thin coating of international patented technology, which shows amazing adhesion and durability under the relevant test, and the light weight of the coating itself prevents the possibility of shedding.


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ISO08573-1 Class Zero Certified

We are proud of our 100% oil-free and energy-efficient EX(75-275 kW) next-generation models.

  • Featuring leading-edge power performance.
  • Superior reliability and durability.
  • Further technological innovation and reduced detail partial energy consumption.
  • As well as well quietness and performance ratio, have increased dramatically.

EX 75-275kW Features

  • High-strength bearing
  • High grade gear
  • Large diameter low pressure drop – Inlet valve
  • Achieve superior low energy consumption
  • A new type of airend that pursues high efficiency
  • Machine design that effectively reduces losses
  • Higher quietness

High quality performance

  • Energy saving logic optimizes operation
  • Integral structure reduces mechanical losses
  • Condensate draining solenoid valves
  • Low noise

Easy maintenance

  • Simple day-to-day management by the electronic controller.
  • The maintenance space is convenient enough
  • Cooler cleaning is convenient
  • Convenient lubricating grease nozzle

Product characteristics

  • Make Stabile pressure for energy saving
  • VFD soft start

Full performance optimization

  • 3BOX exhaust heat structure is effectively cooled
  • Low pressure loss plate fin cooler


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