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ER Series 15-120kW

ER Series 15-120kW

The start of the art design on airends of ER series provide good air quality perfect performance and high reliability.

Oil free air is the trend of global world compressor market. Environment friendly, availability are important issues to customers.

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Air compressors provide clean, good quality oil-free compressed air with injected water into compression process.

The injected water of ER-series is the functions of sealant and coolant.
Sealant : Injected water can reduce leakage between rotors and housing, which improved the compressor efficiency
by 15% as compared to dry screw compressor.

Cooling : Injected water is mixed with compressed air and efficiently cool down and dissipate heat generated in compression process.

The compression process is nearing to isothermal compression

ER 15-120kW Features

Except energy saving, VSD compressor also ensures:

  • Reduced starting current.
  • Stable and constant compressed air.
  • Extended compressor service life.
  • Electrical motor power factor improved.
  • Elimination of high starting current peak

VSD compressor unit saving benefits

VSD compressor unit operating service life period can ensure operational cost savings as high as 35%.

ER 15-120kW Advantages

Dry air

Low compressed temperature and low viscosity injected water is easily separated from compressed air. The separated compressed air is in 100% RH and can be easily dried by dryer

Reliable sealing system

The airends of ER series are supported by precise roller bearings with oil lubrication. The compression chamber and bearing chamber is separated by a buffer chamber with oil seal and water seal. The leakage from oil side into compression chamber is avoided.

Low noise

With injected water, the airend can be run in much lower speed compare to dry screw compressor with lower noise. The new design enclosure ensure the compressor is operated in low noise.

Environmental protection

Alloys and special surface treatment are applied to prevent any corrosion on the airend and components. Injected water is filtered by high quality water filter to ensure clean, good quality water.

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