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The Importance of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Air Compressor Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts are critical to the life of your compressor. The peace of mind that you’re using genuine parts specifically designed that meet the specs of the manufacturer is second to none. You can also rest easily knowing that you’re using parts that meet warranty requirements and provide for extended warranty advantages. The downside is that OEM parts have the reputation of being more expensive. There is also a perception that OEM parts are hard to find with local parts dealers sometimes only carrying aftermarket brands versus the factory direct OEM parts. Given this information it’s often asked why someone would choose to use OEM parts to service their air compressor.

Here are a few facts that can help you to understand the importance of using OEM parts on your air compressor.


OEM parts can carry a higher cost; however, they are engineered to be an exact replacement for the original component. This can make sure you get the most out of your air compressor. In many cases we cannot afford for our compressors to be “down” or not functioning properly. Utilizing OEM parts can help ensure you are servicing your air compressor with the manufactures’ suggested replacement components.


OEM parts are a requirement to receive coverage from the manufacturers warranty plan. In many cases utilizing OEM parts can offer an option for extended coverage. This can prolong the life of air compressor and give you confidence that the compressor is covered. Don’t be caught off guard when the unexpected occurs and your warranty coverage is invalid due to saving a few cents on a part or lubricant.


OEM parts work exactly as the one you are replacing. They are the same components the air compressor were manufactured with and gives you a taste of familiarity and performance. Other brands of aftermarket parts may not work correctly or be of far lesser quality with questionable manufacturing practices. You know what you are getting and you know what to expect. OEM parts are tested with the machines and matched to specifications of the original machine design.


OEM parts are easily found. Most parts suppliers carry multiple offerings one of them being a factory direct OEM part. If in the case the parts supplier does not carry OEM parts, then demand them and do not let them jeopardize your equipment or your warranty coverage. In many cases it can be as easy as asking for the genuine OEM part versus an aftermarket brand. As an extra tool you can always check the manufacturer’s website for direct sourcing of the correct components.


OEM parts are the best choice for your air compressor. When looking at the guidelines above its easy to see the value in servicing your air compressor with OEM parts such as air filters , oil filters and lubricants. Following the manufacturers published maintenance schedule and utilizing these OEM parts can ensure you get the longest life out of your investment and an ROI that can benefit your bottom line. Always consult a professional and always insist that genuine OEM parts are utilized for your service needs.

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