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FS-Curtis Launches New NxHE Two-Stage Rotary Screw Compressor

Designed to improve plant efficiency and minimize maintenance.

FS-Curtis, a US-based air compressor manufacturer, recently launched its NxHE two-stage rotary screw air compressor. The NxHE offers several benefits over a traditional single-stage air compressor. Power efficiency has been maximized with FS-Curtis’ exclusive profile air end, centrifugal fan, and generously sized components. The NxHE compressor features the iCommand-Touch controller—an intelligent technology that features touchscreen capabilities with bright, full-color graphics. At a glance, operators can track pressure, temperature, and usage to easily diagnose and optimize their facility’s air system.

This FS-Curtis compressor also exclusively features eCool™ Technology, which protects critical components from compressor generated heat, thereby extending component life and reducing downtime. This state-of-the-art technology also boasts the lowest life-cycle cost of any compressor on the market.

The NxHE Series is available from 90-260kW with a smart internal layout designed to minimize maintenance time. It also includes easy access panels with durable powder-coated exterior and internal coating to protect the machine. SAE o-ring fittings, industrial-grade hoses, and heavy-duty piping guarantee leak-free operation. The thoughtfully designed sump tank with pivoting swing-out lid makes changing the high-efficiency air/oil separator element quick and efficient.

Since 1854, the Curtis-Toledo, Inc. brand has empowered generations with the air power needed to turn dreams into reality. Our rugged rotary and reciprocating air compressors range from 5-400HP and are relied on by experts across the globe within auto, agriculture, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, and health industries. Built inside the heart of America we set and surpass the standards for compressed air and its practices. Throughout our time in St. Louis we have been driven to supply top-of-the-line products that are built to last. As FS-Curtis marks its 165th Anniversary, we will continue to make it our mission to produce energy-efficient and reliable products for our customers. For information, visit or call Natalie Fontana | Marketing 314-383-1300

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